Reasons Why Engine Oil Changes Are So Important - information from the the pros at Shingle Springs Subaru

Oil changes are perhaps the most basic, and most important, part of general car maintenance. This has been the case since the first internal combustion engines were developed. While a lot has changed over the past century in terms of what you can expect from an automobile, the basic oil change remains at the center of taking care of your vehicle. Below, we look at the five biggest reasons oil changes are so important, and we invite you to discover just how easy and affordable dealership oil changes can be at Shingle Springs Subaru.

Engine cutaway showing pistons in cylinders

5. Engine Components Must Be Constantly Lubricated

There's a good argument for putting lubrication at the top of this list. After all, this may well be the most important reason for having oil in an engine. You see, there many metal parts throughout the engine that move quite quickly against one another. Consider that for every combustion cycle in a cylinder, the piston will have traveled its full stroke four times. Without the critical lubrication from the engine oil, the friction between the metal parts would quickly result in far more heat than the metal can stand. That can lead to warping and even the complete seizing of an engine.

Hand pouring new oil into an engine

4. Engine Oil Keeps Things Cool

Naturally, proper lubrication from the oil significantly reduces the friction that causes heat, but that's not the end of how engine oil keeps things cool. That's because the oil itself will also absorb engine heat like what's generated in the cylinders with each combustion cycle. In fact, some Subaru engines are even equipped with oil coolers which are like small radiators for the engine oil.

3. Fresh Engine Oil Is Important For Keeping Things Clean

Today's engine oil is extensively engineered to be far better than engine oil of the past. One of these improvements is the ability to better suspend particulates and other foreign debris in the engine. This way, anything that shouldn't be in the oil is more easily brought to the engine oil filter where it can be safely removed. If you've ever gotten a bit of used engine oil and rubbed it between your fingers, you probably noticed that the oil felt a little gritty. This is a typical indication that the oil has worn out and no longer lubricates the engine as well as it should.

Scared crankshaft from failing main bearing

2. Regular Oil Changes Help Protect Your Engine

Will going a little longer than the recommended oil change interval really be that big of a deal? If you overshoot the interval once or twice, you're probably going to be fine. However, it really is very important to get your vehicle's engine oil changed as close to the recommended mileage as possible. That's because worn out oil often leads to minor scratches developing on previously perfectly machined metal surfaces. These scratches can quickly grow, which means more friction that makes it harder for the oil to do its job. It doesn't take long for this seemingly superficial damage to begin destroying the engine. And that's a problem we don't want to see anyone have to endure.

1. Where Should You Get Your Subaru Oil Changed?

Naturally, we recommend having your Subaru engine oil changed at a well-established and factory-authorized service center like ours at Shingle Springs Subaru. Did you know that getting an oil change at our dealership is typically just as affordable as independent mechanic shops and even franchise drive-thru oil change places? What's more, for a competitive price, you get expert technicians and factory-approved oil, filter, and inspection which you trust dealership technicians. Over time, we think you'll find that dealership oil changes are indeed much more affordable than the other guys. If you have any questions or simply wish to schedule your vehicle's next oil change, give us a call or swing by Shingle Springs Subaru.