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Everything Subaru produces matches the same standard of longevity, dependability, and durability that they are world-renowned for. That standard goes beyond just automobiles; special care is taken when creating OEM products and parts. Using only Genuine Subaru parts and chemicals ensures continued performance after maintenance and repairs. Third-party and aftermarket sellers may offer Subaru parts or chemicals that are "just as good" or even boast that they offer Genuine parts and chemicals. Only Subaru dealerships are certified to carry OEM Subaru pieces, and those generic options may have lower-at-the-time costs but can require higher payouts later on when they fail to last. Get peace of mind when you use Genuine Subaru parts and accessories; made by Subaru for Subaru, these special parts will outlast their generic counterparts. Since they are made specifically for Subaru vehicles you know they will work with the advanced technology already in place. With the reliability of Genuine Subaru parts you'll rest easy knowing your vehicle receives the best care.

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At Shingle Springs Subaru we offer a state-of-the-art service facility staffed by exceptional Subaru certified technicians. We pride ourselves on only using Genuine Subaru parts and chemicals for all your repairs and maintenance needs. Our factory-trained staff is specifically trained to assist with all your service questions and concerns, and undergo training to know the ins and outs of what makes Subaru engineering unique. We aim to make your experience as enjoyable and hassle free as possible to get you back out on the road in a timely manner. Below we've provided individual informational pages for parts and chemicals for you to browse at your leisure. When you're ready to make an appointment, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us one of three ways; call us, use our convenient online form, or stop by our dealership. We look forward to serving you here at Shingle Springs Subaru, located at 4045 Wild Chaparral Drive in Shingle Springs California, 95682.