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Factory-Trained Interior & Exterior Service

Your Subaru model is something to be proud of, and when it comes to keeping everything from the interior to the exterior at its best, you can trust the seasoned professionals in our service department at Shingle Springs Subaru. With a level of engineering unlike anything else on the road in your Subaru, it only makes sense to trust skilled technicians like ours who know every inch of Subaru engineering. Whether you're tired of that power window that doesn't work quite right, or it's time for a new clutch, you'll find that our prices are competitive and our service is unmatched. General maintenance like drivetrain fluid exchange is important for getting the most from your Subaru while clutch cable replacement is sure to keep you in gear for the adventure ahead. See clearly and safely with headlight alignment, and speak to our knowledgeable service advisers for more information on how to keep the interior and exterior of your Subaru in great condition with help from Shingle Springs Subaru.

Why do Customers Come to get Subaru Service in Shingle Springs, CA?

Why Subaru Service? From the renowned BOXER® engine to the symmetrical all-wheel drive found on almost every Subaru model, there's a lot behind award-winning Subaru engineering. When it comes to maintaining this legendary quality and reliability, you won't find better factory-trained technicians the those in our service department at Shingle Springs Subaru. From ensuring that only factory-approved and OEM parts, accessories, filters, and fluids are used, to keeping up with Subaru recommended service, you'll get it all when you visit us at 4045 Wild Chaparral Drive, Shingle Springs, CA 95682. Frequently updated specials on Subaru service makes it even easier to get the most from your ride at Shingle Springs Subaru, so schedule your next service with us today.