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  • Bryant McCarver
    Executive General Manager

    Shingle Springs Subaru has been a family owned business for over 30 years and participates in and supports many local causes. Whether it's helping the El Dorado County Sheriff's K-9 unit get some new police dogs, donating to the local Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, El Dorado County Fire Fighters or the El Dorado County Veterans Monument, Bryant's generosity is straight from the heart of the McCarver family tradition of helping those in need.

  • Pete Balsley

    Serving as General Manager for Shingle Springs Subaru for over two decades, Pete Balsley has addressed many an issue here at our Dealership. A lifelong car enthusiast, one has to speak with Pete for but a moment to realize his passion for all things automotive! Pete's goal is to have happy customers walk in and out of our doors. The tools he uses are professionalism, and years of knowledge gained in the front office of our Dealership. The consummate pro, with a kindly dose of common sense and charm, that's Pete.

  • George Buritica
    Sales Manager

    With over 30 years experience, George is a consummate professional. His expertise and knowledge in Subaru, luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs is vast. George and his family enjoy traveling the world and experiencing new places and cultures.

  • Aaron Sherer
    Used Car Manager

    Aaron Sherer has been helping our customers find the right deal on the right car, for almost two decades. With volumes of technical and real world knowledge about all types of vehicles, Aaron has helped thousand's of our customers get into the right car! Always at the top of the Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Aaron has consistently demonstrated his unique ability to put the customer first!  

  • Brett Brophy
    Financial Services Advisor

    For over three decades, Brett has been providing top quality financial services for automobile purchases. Brett is on a first name basis with all the local Credit Unions and banks, and as such, gets your financing done right, the first time!
    You may see Brett out on the bike path with his family, or maybe at a local fundraiser. Everyone knows, and appreciates Brett's sense of community. Another valuable member of the Shingle Springs Subaru family, always happily working for you.

  • Jon Cooper
    Finance Manager

    Happy to have him join the team in the beginning of 2015, some of you may recognize "Cooper", since he has been selling vehicles locally for over 17 years now... although he now has a beard and a little more gray. In his spare time, he enjoys time with his family and raising his two very active boys. Cooper notes, "If you have yet to purchase a vehicle from me, or are a returning customer on your tenth vehicle, you will get the same up front, no hassle deal all of my previous customers have come to expect. I am happy to be offering you one of the highest rated, safest, and most reliable vehicles on the road today. I look forward to hearing from you!"

  • Paula Brown
    Finance Manager

    Paula Brown has been doing finance for over 20 years and has perfected the art of making sure your process through finance is as smooth and easy as possible. She is a proud mother of three daughters and treats customers like she would her own family. We are proud to have Paula as part of our Shingle Springs Subaru Team!

  • Greg Martz
    Service Manager

    Greg has spent his entire life in and around the Foothills of the Sierra. A lifelong motorcycle racer, his interest in all things mechanical began at a very early age. Greg started working in the automotive world, way back in 1981. Have cars gotten more technical since then? They sure have! Since that time he has developed an almost sixth sense for diagnosing automotive issues. Of course, years and years of technical training help too.

    Our customers really appreciate his friendly, down to earth perspective and his attention to detail. Greg makes sure that your vehicle gets taken care of, as if it were his own.

  • Anthony Wells
    Parts Manager

    We welcome Anthony to our Subaru Team! Anthony has been in the parts industry for over 25 years making his the go-to guy for your parts needs. When not at Subaru, Anthony enjoys a variety of sports, while also coaching a youth soccer team. 

  • Tim Gonzales
    Internet Sales Director

    Tim has spent his entire career in the automobile business, in all areas like sales, finance etc. His happy, professional demeanor let's his customers know that Tim is working in their best interest.

  • Jeff Tallent
    Internet Sales Manager

    As an integral part of our Internet Sales team, Jeff has demonstrated his professionalism by winning the praise of his many satisfied customers. Having been raised in Hawaii, Jeff understands small town customer service and the value of fulfilling your promises. Since graduating from UH Hilo campus in 1998, Jeff has focused on his interest in technology driven marketing and sales. OK, maybe he is a computer nerd, but he's a nice computer nerd! And... he is super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our awesome Subaru lineup!

  • Kevin Powell
    Internet Sales Manager

    We are very happy to introduce Kevin to Internet Sales Team! Kevin has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years. Loves the Earth, Kevin is a member of the "Yosemite Conservancy" where he helps in conserving the natural beauty of Yosemite. When not at work, Kevin is hiking and camping. Kevin will happily find you the Subaru that fits your needs!

  • Wayne Eppard
    Internet Sales Manager

    After a 20 year career in the U.S. Navy, Wayne decided to drop anchor and make a move into sales. With a boat-load of enthusiasm, it was full steam ahead into the next phase of life. We couldn't be happier with his professional, gracious demeanor and work ethic. Wayne enjoys spending his non-work hours with his quickly growing young family.

  • Claire Barnett
    Delivery Specialist

    Claire wears several hats here at our dealership. Not only is she our Social Media Liaison (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), she is also our in-house Subaru Product Specialist. Need to learn about the technology on your new vehicle? Claire is your girl! You will never have technology explained so nicely.

    When not busy studying or on a computer, Claire will be at the movies, or having an in depth Harry Potter conversation.

  • Tom Rockenbaugh
    Sales Team Leader

    Tom is very knowledgeable about all the Subaru models. An avid outdoors-man, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, whether fishing, camping, or mountain biking. As long as there is county music playing, Tom has a smile on his face.  

  • Randy Higham
    Internet Sales Manager

    Years and years as a professional salesperson, Randy not only sells Subaru's, he drives one too! As a life long Giants fan, and a vinyl album collector and audiofile, Randy stays pretty busy in his spare time.

  • John Coen

    John has been in the business for over seven years and has been a part of the Subaru Family for many years. Besides being a Subaru Enthusiast, John is a proud dad of three and an overall family man. John is here to help you find your new Subaru!

  • Brandon MacDuff
    Sales Associate

  • Jeff Hargrave

    We are very happy to have Jeff Hargrave as a part of our Subaru Sales crew. Having retired from the restaurant business, Jeff is ready to put his passion for food towards his passion for Subaru's. Jeff is also a lover of the great outdoors; specifically enjoying fishing and golfing. Being a family man, he is here to get you the best Subaru that fits the needs of you and your family.

  • Daniel Cockrell

  • Trevor Watson

    If you want a fun sales experience that is low pressure, Trevor is the man!

  • Max McCarver

  • Steve Goodrich
    Service Department

  • Brandon Fisher
    Service Writer

  • Alex Ploszaj
    Service Writer

  • Chuck Houston
    Service Writer

  • Eddie Czigler
    Service Writer

  • James Doughty
    Express Service Writer

  • Dawn Davenport

    Dawn is a long time resident of El Dorado County. In the summer, her family loves to pan for gold along the American River. In the fall, it's got to be Apple Hill! As a lover of the great outdoors, she is in total agreement with most locals, "This is a great place to live!"

  • Chantel Smart

    We would like to welcome the magnificent Chantel to our Shingle Springs Subaru Team! When not helping out customers, she enjoys petting puppies and playing water polo with her grandmother. Need to make a service appointment? Chantel is your gal!

  • Marissa Noriega

    Marissa is one of our amazing cashiers here at Shingle Springs Subaru and we are thrilled to have her! When she is not behind the desk, she enjoys weekends lake surfing and going to vegan sushi making classes. If you are having a bad day, Marissa's smile is sure to brighten it!

  • Elizabeth Jones
    Rental Specialist

    Elizabeth is one of our amazing women here who helps keep our service department running smoothly! Fun facts about Elizabeth; she is a national go-kart champion and is an avid aerial fly fisher. Elizabeth's kindness is contagious and is here to make your Subaru experience the best it can be!

  • Mark Farrel
    Parts Specialist

    Parts expertise and service with a smile! Mark has years of experience with Subaru parts and accessories. Whether you need parts for a complete overhaul, or just an accessories brochure, Mark is there to help.

  • Jason
    Parts Department

  • Kevin Cardenas
    Parts Cashier

    Kevin is a car enthusiast and one of our awesome parts drivers! When not at work, Kevin enjoys working on cars and fishing in the great outdoors. Happy to have him on our team!

  • Heidi
    Parts Specialist

  • Mike "Turbo" Armstrong
    Shop Foreman

    Mike is a master at his craft and knows everything there is to know about cars! Besides his passion for cars, he loves his family, dogs Abby and Shyann, and the great outdoors. Mike is the guy for the job and will make sure your Subaru is running better than ever!

  • Michael Manes

  • Kyle Neilsen
    Lube Tech

  • Brittany Bastien

    Welcome Brittany to our shop! Brittney is a wiz with Subarus and has been the field for over 3 years. Need a smog check? She is your person! 

  • Erik Rambo
    Lube Tech

  • Mike Toth

    Mike is one of our most experienced mechanics and we are happy to have him on our team! With over 30+ years of experience of all models of vehicles, he is a fountain of knowledge!

  • Ray Stafford

    With over 35 years of experience as a technician, Ray is more than qualified to make sure your Subaru is driving like a champ!

  • Cesar Raymundo
    Quick Lube Tech

    Cesar has been with us for several years now and has become an expert in many departments, which is what makes him THE MAN. Cesar is also an expert on vintage bicycles and purebred American Bullies.

  • Matt Gregorio

  • Clay Stolp

    Clay has over 15 years of mechanic experience and to say he is an expert technician would be an understand. Your Subie is in good hands!

  • Garrett Nicholson

  • Ed Branscome

  • Eddie Contreras

  • Mo Moody
    Lube Tech

  • Bob Pruitt

  • Ray Quitana

  • Damon Maraschino

  • Maximilian Mace

  • Isaiah
    Parts Driver

  • Rob

    Rest in peace Rob. You were a major asset to our service department ever since your first day here, a long, long time ago. The guidance and technical expertise you brought to the workplace are still having a positive effect on our crew. Your suffering in this world is over, but you will always be in our fondest memories.   

  • Mike Putoff
    Detail In Memory

    Rest in Peace Mike.
    Our co-worker, our friend, our Mike. You were taken from us far too soon Mikey. You will always be in our fondest memories. Your work ethic, your singing and air-guitar playing to the Classic Rock coming out of the Detail Department, will surely be missed.