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If the head gasket in your Subaru has failed, it can cause lots of trouble, including an overheating engine. We've written an article on the signs of a bad head gasket; if you notice any of these, take your Subaru in to the dealership immediately.

A replaced head gasket should keep the engine from overheating. However, there's a possibility, however slim, that your Subaru may begin to overheat again soon after the head gasket has been replaced. If this happens, it's likely due to one of three things:

A head gasket, removed from a vehicle

3. Low Coolant

The head gasket in your Subaru serves to separate the engine block from the cylinder head. If it fails, coolant may leak into the combustion chamber. This causes lots of trouble on its own, but it also lowers the coolant level.

As part of the head gasket replacement service at Shingle Springs Subaru, our expert technicians will ensure that you have enough coolant. However, not every place does that. If you've taken your Subaru to a local mechanic, there's a possibility that they may have replaced the head gasket without refilling the coolant.

This is an easy one to check. When the engine in your Subaru is cool, lift the hood and check out the coolant tank. If the coolant is below the minimum fill line, low coolant level may be the cause of your overheating woes.

Steam coming from the radiator cap of an engine

2. Cooling System Problems Elsewhere

Even if there's enough coolant, there may be another issue with the cooling system. When you bring your vehicle to Shingle Springs Subaru for a head gasket replacement, our technicians will inspect the entirety of the cooling system. Again, not every place does this. It's easy to overlook a damaged radiator, bad water pump, or contaminated coolant if you're not looking for it.

A check engine light is a warning of an overheating engine

1. Serious Engine Damage

If these two issues aren't the cause, we may have some bad news. Overheating after a head gasket replacement may be caused by major engine damage, including a cracked or warped engine block. If this is the case, we'll be glad to inspect the engine and let you know the best way forward.

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