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An overheating engine is never a good thing. In fact, if the engine in your Subaru ever begins to overheat, the most important step is to safely pull over as soon as you can and shut off the engine. There are several things that can cause your engine to overheat; below, we list five of the most common ones. But whatever the cause is, be sure to have your vehicle towed in for service, since an overheated engine can warp and cause massively expensive repairs to be needed.


5. Water Pump Trouble

The water pump circulates coolant, allowing it to absorb heat from the engine and get cooled off by the radiator. If the water pump is broken, the coolant won't circulate as much as it should--or at all.

4. Low Coolant

Of course, even if the water pump is working, low coolant will mean that the engine can't cool down like it should. It's also important that the mixture of water and antifreeze in your Subaru is correct.

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3. Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat controls how coolant flows through the engine. If the thermostat in your Subaru is broken or malfunctioning, it might not allow coolant to pass between the engine and radiator, making for a quick overheat.


2. Damaged or Blocked Hoses

The cooling system in your engine has several hoses, and all kinds of things can cause these hoses to stop working. It may be something as serious as a crack or leak in the hose itself--or the hose could just be loose or blocked by debris.

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1. Radiator Trouble

The radiator uses a fan to cool down the coolant after it has absorbed heat from the engine. If your Subaru is overheating, there's a good chance the radiator may be involved. It may have a leak or be clogged, or the fan itself might be broken. If you've been in a fender bender, the radiator might have physical damage that causes it to work less effectively.

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