Subaru Factory Warranty Protect My Car - Service Information in Shingle Springs, CA

A new car is a significant investment, and Subaru wants you to buy with confidence. When you drive off the lot in your new ride, our relationship doesn't end there. In fact, it's just beginning. All new Subaru vehicles come with robust factory warranty protection so you know your investment won't prematurely fail in any way. For the next five years, the Subaru factory warranty will be with you every step of the way. What's more, our factory-authorized Subaru service center is here to help you get proper maintenance, understand your warranty and take the best possible care of your car.

We've gathered four helpful tips below about how new car warranty coverage protects you, what it doesn't cover, and what your responsibilities are when it comes to the care and maintenance of your new Subaru. With a little routine maintenance, you'll find a new Subaru will run strong for years to come. And if anything goes wrong, our Subaru service center is here to get it fixed right the first time.

A man uses a clipboard to arrange documents pertinant to his vehicle's warranty coverage

4. What Does The Powertrain Warranty Cover?

The new Subaru warranty offered on 2020 Subaru models has two levels of protection: the Powertrain Limited Warranty and the Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty. The powertrain warranty covers the most essential parts of your car. These include the engine, transmission, drive shafts and essential engine accessories like the water pump and  engine timing system. Powertrain coverage is provided for 5 years/60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

So, if you experience a sudden engine failure within the first 5 years of ownership and before 60,000 miles have rolled onto the odometer, and you've kept up with recommended maintenance at an authorized service center, Subaru should cover the repairs.

A technician performs a warranty repair on this car, positioned on a lift

3. What Does The Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Cover?

The non-drivetrain-essential components of your car -- from the interior accessories and electronics to the lights and other items -- will be covered for 3 years/36,000 miles, whichever comes first. If it's not covered by the powertrain warranty, it should be covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty. Even wear components designed to fail over time like wiper blades, brake pads and tires are covered here.

In the event that your infotainment system glitches, a tire fails prematurely or your climate controls stop working while the vehicle is under this basic warranty, simply stop by an authorized subaru service center like ours to get the problem taken care of.

2. How Can I Get Warranty Service For My Car?

While your Subaru is covered under the factory warranty, and even after, where you get repairs and maintenance matters. If you're in need of warranty service, head to Shingle Springs Subaru. Since warranty repairs are free to owners, Subaru wants to make sure your repairs are carried out correctly using the highest quality parts -- that way you'll enjoy a long-lasting repair. For that reason, warranty repairs must be carried out at an authorized Subaru dealership service center.

When you're in need of warranty service on your Subaru, head to an authorized Subaru service center like ours at Shingle Springs Subaru

1. What Are My Responsibilities

Subaru extends warranty protection to all its new cars under the assumption that the vehicle will be maintained properly. That's why every new Subaru comes with a factory recommended maintenance schedule. Having wear items replaced and important components regularly inspected helps keep your car running strong, and helps stave off bigger repair bills down the road.

By contrast, missed maintenance visits can cause components on your car to work too hard, become overstressed and fail. For example, failing to replace the brake pads on your car before they wear out can cause damage to other parts of the brake system, such as the rotor or caliper.

For this reason, Subaru can only guarantee the performance and longevity of a car that's been maintained according to the guidelines laid out in your owner's manual. So, keep detailed records of all your service visits and any maintenance work. To make things even easier, just get all your maintenance performed at Shingle Springs Subaru! We'll perform all the necessary maintenance at the prescribed intervals, keep meticulous records that are accessible to any authorized Subaru dealer and keep your warranty in good standing. In the event that something goes wrong on your car that's covered by the warranty, we'll step in to fix it -- using the highest quality OEM parts at no cost to you.