Things to Know About Vehicle with Check Engine Light On - Service Questions in Shingle Springs, CA

The check engine light can be frustrating for many, since it's not always easy to tell what the cause is. If you're ever in a situation where the check engine light in your Subaru becomes illuminated, there are five important things to keep in mind.


5. The Check Engine Light Can Mean a Lot of Things

Unlike some other warning lights, the check engine light functions as sort of a catch-all that lets you know that something is malfunctioning in your vehicle's engine. While you can't tell from looking at it just what the trouble is, there are some steps you can take to narrow it down.

4. A Steady Light: No Emergency

If the light is illuminated and stays on, chances are your Subaru isn't in immediate danger. If this is the case, you can keep driving--just be sure to schedule a service appointment soon. The problem causing a steady light may not be dangerous for your car, but it can cause it to run less smoothly and efficiently, and can end up costing you if the vehicle continues to run with the light on.

Your Check Engine Light Might Be Warning Of Potential Engine Failure! 
Learn how the most common check engine light cause is a loose gas cap! 

3. Check the Gas Cap

Often, a loose gas cap is the cause of a steady check engine light. When it's convenient, try tightening your gas cap to see if that turns the light off. While you're at it, check the gas cap for cracks and other damage; this can also turn the light on.


2. A Blinking Light: Emergency

If the check engine light is blinking, you've got a big problem. Generally, this means that the engine has severely misfired, dumping unburned fuel into the exhaust system. This can damage the catalytic converter, making it necessary for you to pay for expensive repairs. If you see a blinking light, pull over as soon as you can safely do so and call for a tow truck.

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1. Always Get the Code Read

We've mentioned that you can't tell from looking at the light just what the problem is. But the service center at your Subaru dealership will be equipped with a code reader that can listen to the car's computer and diagnose the problem. It's a good idea to come in and have the code checked whenever the light comes on--even if it seems to only be a loose gas cap. Once you're armed with knowledge, you can decide how to move forward.

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