Why is my vehicle's check engine light on?
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Why Is the Check Engine Light In My Subaru On?

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The check engine light is a sort of catch-all light that tells you that your vehicle's engine needs attention. It could indicate a wide number of problems. The technicians at an authorized Subaru service center will use a Subaru code reader to listen to the engine and figure out what service it might need.

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What Should I Do If My Check Engine Light Comes On?

There are some instances when you shouldn't drive your vehicle at all. If smoke begins coming out of the hood, or if the engine starts making strange noises, or if your Subaru begins performing strangely, pull over as soon as safely possible and have your vehicle towed to the nearest Subaru service center. If the check engine light comes on and is unaccompanied by other symptoms, you may drive it in, instead. However, it is important that you get it looked at soon, as continued driving could cause damage to your vehicle.

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What Are Some Causes of the Check Engine Light Illuminating?

There are many possible reasons that your vehicle's check engine light might come on. On the simpler end, it could mean nothing more than a loose or cracked gas cap; this can be fixed by either tightening it or ordering a new cap.

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However, an illuminated check engine light could also mean that your Subaru has a bad catalytic converter or worn spark plugs. These require a bit more attention than a loose gas cap. Whatever the reason may be, the technicians at an authorized Subaru service center are the right people to handle it.

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