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For years, the tune-up was a staple of automotive service. When tune-ups were necessary, they included things like engine timing adjustment, carburetor cleaning, and ignition adjustment. However, engineering advancements have either eliminated the need for these services or replaced the serviceable part with a more permanent solution. That means the traditional tune-up is essentially a thing of the past.

While the old-style tune-ups may not be necessary any more, there are still some things you can do regularly to make sure that your engine is running smoothly. These four things listed below are sort of a modern equivalent to the tune-up of old. We're glad to provide information about this and other services your Subaru may require at Shingle Springs Subaru.

A person stands in front of the open hood of a car, holding a wrench.

4. New Fuel Filter

On many vehicles, the fuel filter keeps particulate and other debris out of the engine, where it could cause problems. Over time, the fuel filter can become clogged, potentially leading to decreased performance from your Subaru. To keep your engine running at its best--and to avoid unpleasant issues like stalling and even misfires--be sure to have the fuel filter replaced as necessary.

A person wiping down the engine of a car with a rag.

3. A New Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter collects dust, dirt, and debris that could cause problems for the interior workings of your vehicle. If the engine air filter hasn't been changed in a while, you may notice decreased fuel efficiency and decreased performance. A new engine air filter may be just the thing to get your car running better in short time.

Several spark plugs lined up. 

2. New Spark Plugs

This one is a holdover from the traditional tune-up. Our technicians will check your spark plugs to see what state they're in. If they find that the spark plugs are corroded, coated in oil, or near the end of their lifespan, they'll remove them and install new ones. Old spark plugs can cause all kinds of problems, from a rough idle to a misfire, so getting them changed when recommended as part of your regularly scheduled Subaru maintenance is important. If you enjoy the benefits of a vehicle made recently, the spark plugs may last upwards of 100,000 miles.

1. A Multi-Point Inspection

One of the most important things you can do to ensure an engine that runs as it should is to make sure that it gets a multi-point inspection at every oil change. When you get an inspection at Shingle Springs Subaru, our technicians will check a variety of components in your vehicle, including fluids, battery power, belts and hoses, tires, and more. If they see anything that concerns them, they'll let you know so that you can handle it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

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