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Not sure when it's necessary to bring your vehicle in for service? We're here to help at the Shingle Springs Subaru service center. Beyond routine scheduled maintenance, here are six signs that your car may need service. But if your car is running well and has had all its regularly scheduled maintenance performed, you won't need any service. Just keep using quality gas, getting all your oil changes and other maintenance as scheduled and you'll enjoy reliable transportation for thousands of miles to come from your ride. But if you experience any of these six warning signs from your vehicle, you might need service from an expert Subaru technician.

Check Engine Warning Light

6. Check Engine Light (And Other Caution Lights)

The check engine light indicates that your vehicle's engine control module has detected a problem somewhere in the vehicle -- and not just the engine. All sorts of systems are monitored by the vehicle, including the catalytic converter, transmission, fuel system and more. There are also system specific warning lights that indicate problems with particular parts of your vehicle, such as the anti-lock brake system (ABS) or tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). While your vehicle may not actually need any service, or may only need a little bit of routine maintenance like an oil change or filter replacement, it's always wise to have the experts take a close look at your vehicle whenever you see a dashboard warning light. Catching trouble spots early can help you fix small issues before they develop into big problems!

Black Tailpipe Smoke

5. Smoke From Tailpipe

With one important exception, you should never be able to see the emissions coming from your vehicle's tailpipe. Smoke coming from the tailpipe could indicate that your engine is burning oil, consuming coolant or burning an incorrect air-to-fuel ratio. If you can see the smoke coming from your tailpipe, it's time to get an inspection from a trained technician.

The exception? In very cold weather, your car may make wispy white vapor. For the same reason you can see your breath in cold weather, you might be able to see wispy clouds of water vapor coming from your vehicle's exhaust. This is normal -- but if it doesn't go away when things warm up, get an inspection right away.

4. Strange New Noises

A new grinding, clunking, ticking or hissing noise is often a sign that something has gone wrong under the hood. Oftentimes these problems will be accompanied by a dashboard warning light if something has gone wrong -- but not always. For example, a broken or damaged CV axle may make a clicking noise when the vehicle is turning sharply. And since this system isn't monitored by the vehicle's engine computer, you won't get a dashboard warning light for this part. If you hear your car making a sound you haven't heard before, it's a good idea to bring it by our service center.

Technician With Code Reader

3. Poor Performance Or Fuel Economy

When your engine is brand-new, it burns the exact right air-to-fuel ratio for ideal performance and fuel efficiency. However, over time, carbon can build up on the valves; the engine timing can come subtly out of whack; valve seals and piston rings can become worn. These are just a few of the problems that can affect the ratio of air to fuel in the engine leading to reduced performance and fuel efficiency. If you find you're not getting as many miles to a gallon of gas, acceleration seems sluggish and the engine idles roughly, chances are your engine could use a tune-up. Problems like these can often be fixed by a simple procedure like fuel injector cleaning or spark plug replacement.

2. Fluid Leaks

If you find a puddle of fluid forming on the ground beneath your vehicle, you'll need expert service right away! There are all sorts of fluids that make your car run safely, from obvious ones like gasoline and engine oil to brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant and many more. But no matter which fluid is leaking, a lack of fluid can quickly lead to damage in the associated system. For example, a brake fluid leak can prevent your brakes from working correctly, making your vehicle unsafe to drive! If you need help getting here, give our service center a call and we can help you connect with a reliable towing company.

1. Engine Runs Hot

By far the most urgent sign that your vehicle needs immediate service is an engine that's overheating. Too much heat can quickly do serious damage to an engine, even causing the head gasket to fail or the cylinder head to warp or crack in severe cases. If your car is overheating, we recommend pulling over to stop the engine immediately. If you can, try putting the climate controls on full blast at the highest heat setting. This can divert engine heat to the cabin and buy you enough time to safely make it to our service center -- but if the temperature needle is pegged to the red zone, your vehicle isn't safe to drive. Get a tow to Shingle Springs Subaru where our expert technicians can diagnose your vehicle's problem accurately and fix it correctly.

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