Things to Know About Replacing Factory Body Parts - information from the the pros at Shingle Springs Subaru

When the exterior of your vehicle suffers damage, you want to know you're getting quality repairs with long-lasting parts. It always pays to turn to the factory-trained experts at an authorized Subaru service center! We know Subaru engineering better than anyone else in town for the highest quality maintenance and repairs. If you've been involved in an accident, suffered hail damage or the neighbor kid put a nice baseball-sized dent in your car, head to our service center for a repair. Here are 4 reasons to choose Shingle Springs Subaru the next time you need body panel replacement or repair.

New Bumper Installation

4. Some Body Panel Damage Can Be Repaired

Before you go buying replacement body panels to fix dents and dings on your vehicle, be sure to stop by our authorized Subaru service center to have one of our technicians take a closer look. In many cases, dented body panels can be repaired instead of replaced -- saving you time and money, and helping to preserve your vehicle's look. Replacement body panels may not provide a perfect fit or color match, so restoring your vehicle's existing sheet metal using our special paintless dent repair tools may be a better choice.

Accident Damage

3. Rusty Body Panels May Need To Be Replaced

If the body panels on your car suffer physical damage, like from a collision or a hailstorm, that damage is quite plain to see. However, there's one more reason why you may need to eventually replace body parts on your car that can be harder to see: rust. Given enough time, most every car will eventually begin to rust, depending on the environment that vehicle is stored in. However, for a modern vehicle stored in our dry California climate, this process can easily take decades.


While a little bit of rust is merely a cosmetic issue, rust can eventually eat through body panels entirely, creating holes and weakening the vehicle's body. You might glance at your vehicle's body panels from time to time, especially hidden areas and portions low to the ground that are more likely to get wet and develop rust. If you spot excessive rust, head to Shingle Springs Subaru. We can help remove surface rust or replace a rusted body part if too much rust has developed.

2. Salvage Parts May Not Be The Right Fit

When you do decide to have a body part on your Subaru replaced, always turn to a genuine Subaru service center! Discount auto body repair shops may be forced to turn to salvage lots and scrap yards to find a replacement body panel for your car. That means finding an undamaged part for your car by salvaging it from a totaled car of the same make and model. For example, if you needed a new rear fender, that part could be sourced from an old example of your car that was relegated to the junkyard after a front-end collision. While the front bumper is toast, the rear bumper is likely fine and can be installed on your car as a replacement.

However, this comes with its own complications. If the donor car isn't the same color, getting an exact paint match can be tricky. If that part is for a subtly different trim level, the part may not exactly match the aesthetics of your vehicle. Of course, since this is a part taken from another vehicle, there may be rust, corrosion, scratches and clear coat damage. The part itself may even be bent slightly, leading to a poor fit with unsightly panel gaps. We think there's a better way to repair your Subaru....

New Body Panel

1. For The Best Fit And Quality, Choose Genuine OEM Body Panels

Instead of getting salvage body parts for your car, get OEM replacement body panels at Shingle Springs Subaru! Our service center works directly with the Subaru factory to order brand-new OEM body panels when repairs are needed. They'll be an identical fit, color and style match to the component you're replacing. And since they come brand-new from the factory, you know that they won't have any rust or other damage like a salvage body part might.

Stop by our service center or give us a call to find out if genuine OEM replacement body panels are available for your Subaru. Then, schedule your visit to have them installed by the pros! We make auto care easy at Shingle Springs Subaru.