Things When You Think Your Car Starter Might Be Bad

There's a good chance that you've experienced the frustration of a car that won't start. At the very least, you'll need to go through the hassle of getting a jump start, but what if that doesn't work? These are the times when you might feel at the mercy of whatever mechanic happens to be looking at your car, but you don't have to. Naturally, you can simply have your vehicle brought to our authorized Subaru service center and take comfort knowing that you'll get honest information from factory-trained technicians. Below, we look at six things we think you should know about a bad starter in your car, and that's just one example of how we put our customers first at Shingle Springs Subaru.

A car's starter is among the more common parts that need to be replaced as a matter of maintenance 

6. Make Sure The Problem Really Is The Starter

Did you know that there's a greater chance that the battery is why your car won't start and not the starter? Modern car starters should last nearly as long as the car, and even older vehicles should be able to count on the same starter for quite a long time. Car batteries, on the other hand, will need to be replaced every handful of years or so. One of the easiest ways to tell if the battery has enough power to operate the starter is to simply listen when you turn the key.

Taking note of what happens when you turn the key can point you in the right direction of why the car won't start 

5. What Sound Do You Hear When Turning The Key?

Sometimes, a bad starter just won't make much more noise than a click when you turn the key. Unfortunately, that's about all you get when the battery is dead, too. In this case, the battery will need to be properly tested. If you hear the engine turn over like normal but it just doesn't start, you can essentially rule out the battery and the starter. However, if you hear something different, loud, and perhaps a little disturbing like a shrieking or grinding noise, there's a good chance that you'll soon be in the market for a new starter.


4. Does The Car Start Sometimes But Not Others?

This may be the most frustrating symptom of a car starter that's going bad. It might start up in the morning and get you to work but then not start for lunch or the drive home. Such issues with intermittent starting may well be a starter that will soon just stop starting the vehicle at all. However, this can also be a symptom of a loose connection. The best way to know for certain is to have a factory-authorized technician inspect the system, and we make it easy to schedule just such an appointment at Shingle Springs Subaru.

Oil leaks like this can cause a wide range of problems 

3. Look For A Significant Oil Leak Under The Car

What in the world could an oil leak have to do with your car's starter? Well, aside from that oil needing to be in the engine for the vehicle to continue starting and running reliably, a starter that's been soaked in oil may not be able to do its job. Even if you don't notice a significant oil leak under the car, an oil leak may still be to blame. Excessive heat may also be to blame. On many vehicles, the engine exhaust system will run so close to the starter that a heat shield is necessary. If something happens to that heat shield and it doesn't get replaced, you could find that you keep needing new starters after only a few months. That's because the heat from the exhaust is more than the starter can handle.


2. Is DIY Car Starter Replacement Easy?

If you're like many of the factory-trained technicians in our Subaru service center, you may have grown up handing your dad or uncle wrenches while they worked on the family car. For those shade-tree mechanics who look forward to something like replacing a bad starter in an older Subaru, our parts department is here to provide the right parts and products at the right price.

However, if you don't have a lot of experience turning your own wrench, we don't recommend turning to the help of a couple internet videos and your neighbor's questionable sobriety for something like a starter replacement. This project often means putting the vehicle up on jack stands and laying under it, navigating delicate sensors, and knowing just how to remove and replace the starter. At the end of the day, there's a good chance that you'll have saved yourself a lot of time, frustration, and even money by simply having the experts take care of the project.

1. What Kind Of Starter Should You Replace The Bad One With?

When you trust the experts in our Subaru service center at Shingle Springs Subaru, you're not only getting the highest level of expertise, but you're also getting OEM and factory-approved parts. These are important for maintaining your vehicle's factory warranty and the best way to be confident in the fit, quality, and reliability of the parts on your car. Schedule a service appointment at Shingle Springs Subaru to learn more.

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