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While Subaru models are among the most reliable and longest-lasting vehicles in the world, they still need regular maintenance like any other machine. Of course, the importance of regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other basic automotive maintenance is no secret, but there are some things to consider when it comes to who takes care of your ride. Will you save money by going to that small, independent mechanic shop your neighbor recommends? Perhaps you'd just as soon take care of your own maintenance in the garage on the weekends, or there's always a drive-through oil change place nearby. After all, one oil change is as good as another, right? Unfortunately, that's just not the case.

The simple fact of the matter is that different automotive mechanic and maintenance shops just aren't the same. However, there is an easy way to eliminate the risk of getting substandard service for your vehicle, and it's as easy as swinging through your local authorized dealership service center. At Shingle Springs Subaru, our service center is ready to take care of all things Subaru. In fact, we're even able to help take care of most automotive brands. Below, we detail 6 reasons that you and your vehicle will be better served at an authorized dealership. To discover the difference firsthand, take a moment to schedule your next Subaru service appointment right here online.

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6. An Authorized Service Center Offers Higher Quality

Quality is one of those words that's often thrown around without much thought as to what it really means. At our authorized Subaru service center in Shingle Springs, quality is much more than some buzzword. After all, we take care of Subaru vehicles, and that requires a level of expertise and insight worthy of such a renowned vehicle. Where some independent mechanic shops may start buying and installing parts until they stumble upon the problem, a dealership service center will be able to go straight to the problem. We'll also use factory-approved and OEM parts, keep meticulous records, and treat you with the respect you deserve. We'll go into more detail below, but know that it all adds up to higher quality service for you and your vehicle across the board.

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5. A Dealership Offers Greater Convenience

It may seem like the drive-through franchise oil change place is convenient, but did you know that the dealership is just as convenient while also providing other advantages? Typically, we can handle an oil change just as quickly, or even faster, than the independent oil change place, and the pricing at our dealership service center is competitive. After all, we understand that your time and money are too important to waste. What's more, instead of some small cluttered waiting room with a questionable bench, last week's coffee, and a soda machine from the 1980s that doesn't work, the customer lounge at a dealership like ours is a place where you're sure to be comfortable.

4. Factory-Trained Technicians

There are a lot of good mechanics in the greater Shingle Springs area, but there are others who may not be your best bet for the maintenance and repair that your vehicle needs. Instead of rolling the dice on an independent mechanic who may be more interested in making his next boat payment than in taking the best care of you and your ride, we'd like to offer a better solution. You see, to be an authorized dealership service center like ours, the technicians must undergo regular training from the factory. That means no one is better capable with or more knowledgeable about your Subaru than our technicians. What's more, dealership service centers are often more affordable over the long run than an independent mechanic shop.

Assortment of OEM car parts

3. Factory-Approved & OEM Parts

Have you ever gotten a great deal on brake service from an independent mechanic only to find that the same brakes need to be changed again after only six months or so? In our authorized Subaru service center, we hear stories like this a lot. While the service itself may have been done well enough, it's clear to us that the parts they used weren't up to factory standards. Of course, there are other reasons that brake pads won't last as long as they should, but substandard aftermarket parts are typically to blame. And, it doesn't take long for cheap parts to get real expensive.

That's why dealership service centers like ours are a better choice. You'll find a parts department on site and fully stocked with OEM parts as well as factory-approved accessories. This way, you can count on the same level of quality that your vehicle originally came with from the factory.

2. Complete Automotive Service Records

If you enjoy the benefits of a new Subaru that's still under the factory warranty, you shouldn't have to worry about anything more than keeping up with the recommended maintenance. However, if something does go wrong, the warranty is there to make it right. But did you know it's important that you're able to show all the maintenance and service up to that point was properly performed? If you went to an authorized service center, it will be easy to check the records on file. What's more, you won't have to worry about keeping another file complete at home. Every time you bring your vehicle to the dealership service center, meticulous records are entered and associated with your car's VIN.

1. Keeping Your Car's Factory Warranty

Whether you're sticking with the factory warranty that came with your new vehicle or you're enjoying the advantages of an extended warranty, keeping it valid is important. That's why we recommend getting service, maintenance, and repairs at the dealership. As we mentioned above, it's at an authorized dealership service center where you'll find factory-trained technicians, factory-original parts, and a level of record keeping that leaves no doubt as to your vehicle history. This way, you know your warranty is safe.

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