Things to Know About Broken Vehicle Windows - information from the the pros at Shingle Springs Subaru serving Sacramento, CA

Whether it's from vandalism, a break-in, or good old-fashioned natural causes, a broken car window is never an enjoyable experience. But the broken window itself is only the beginning of the problem. You still have many things to consider, and we're here to help with service information articles like this one. Below, you'll find five things you should know about dealing with a broken car window.

Broken automotive safety glass

5. Safety Glass Can Still Be Sharp

Your car is likely equipped with tempered safety glass windows that are designed to crumble rather than shatter. This will leave relatively round pieces of glass inside your vehicle. Even though it's designed to be less dangerous than shards of glass like you might find if you break a mirror, the pieces of tempered glass can still be sharp. There are many people who have attempted to clean up safety glass, only to receive cuts on their hands. When you clean up after a broken window, it's best to wear safety gloves or even a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Broken quarter glass

4. Taping Over Your Window Isn't a Good Idea

You may have seen broken windows covered with tape, cardboard boxes, or trash bags. This is generally a bad idea. For one thing, it decreases visibility. For another, it can actually damage your car. If you apply the tape to the outside, it can strip the paint job. Applying it to the interior can leave a sticky, gummy residue on your door.

3. Leaving Your Window Unrepaired Can Damage Your Doors

If you drive around with a broken window, you might find that the door sustains damage. If sand or grit get into the power window mechanisms inside your car's door, they may get jammed up and stop working. Similarly, rain or any other moisture can cause the power windows not to work. And if water does get inside your car door, it's possible for the door to begin to rust from the inside. You may not be aware of anything until the metal begins to rust through.

Two people replacing a windshield

2. Unrepaired Windows Can Cause Even More Trouble

It's not just your car that you have to worry about with a broken window. Leaving a car's window unrepaired is likely to get you mean glances from your neighbors, since parking a damaged car like this can decrease property value. But, even more importantly, you're leaving the interior of your car open to anyone who might walk by and take interest in it.

1. Be Sure To Have Windows Installed at a Reputable Place

You've seen that getting your windshield replaced quickly is important, but we also recommend using an authorized body shop for the job. There's no shortage of independent cheap auto glass places, and some of them are probably good. Others, however, are not so good. Low-quality glass may cause problems down the line, and poor installation can make things worse. An authorized body shop using factory-authorized window glass is the way to go, and it may even be partly or fully covered by your comprehensive insurance coverage!