Subaru Drive Belt Replacement Service Information serving Sacramento, CA

Subaru Drive Belt Replacement Service Information serving Sacramento, CA

Drive Belt Replacement | Common Services at Shingle Springs Subaru

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Once known better as fan belts, since they were used to drive the radiator fan, virtually every modern engine uses at least one drive belt. These belts allow the engine to power other important accessories on your car, such as the air conditioner, alternator and various electrical components. The belts that drive them are made of strong rubber and sometimes even have kevlar in them - the stuff that goes inside bullet-proof vests - so they can last for years and years! However, once they fail, the accessories they're connected to won't work. This can mean a loss of things like air conditioning, power steering or even mean the car won't start at all. That's why it's a good idea to keep an eye on the condition of your belts, so you can replace them before they start to go bad.

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Why Do Drive Belts Need to Be Replaced Regularly?

As the belts spin, all the force exerted on them causes them to stretch out over time. In the old days, as part of an engine tune-up, you would have the mechanic adjust the tension on all your drive belts so they would work properly. Today's modern engines use much stronger belts and automatic tensioners, so replacing them is easier and faster than ever. But they'll still wear out. At Shingle Springs Subaru, our expert technicians will use belts approved by the Subaru factory for maximum life and a perfect fit in your Subaru.

How Often Should I Replace the Drive Belts in my Subaru?

Under ideal conditions, a drive belt could potentially last up to 100,000 miles or more! However, dirt and fluids that collect on the belts can cause the rubber to break down faster. What's more, individual driving style matters. If you tend to drive more aggressively, or like to accelerate with full throttle, your belts may experience more wear and tear and need to be replaced earlier. For this reason, Subaru recommends having your belts inspected regularly. For example, the owner's manual of the 2017 Subaru Outback says that its drive belts should be inspected every 30,000 miles. Our factory-trained techs will be able to evaluate the condition of your belts, and recommend a simple replacement if failure is imminent.

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We're conveniently located at 4045 Wild Chaparral Drive, Shingle Springs, CA 95682, just off the 50! Getting here is easy and making an appointment so you save more time is even easier. Fill our our online form to make your appointment, or give us a call. Stop by our service center any time, where walk-ins are always welcome.

Expert Subaru Service and Quality Components at Shingle Springs Subaru

From Placerville to Sacramento and all points in between, thousands of happy Subaru drivers trust Shingle Springs Subaru for all their service needs. Since 97% of all Subaru vehicles sold in the past decade are still going strong, you can trust that - with the help of a little bit of preventative maintenance - your Subaru is built to last! We'll do our part to keep it looking and driving like new, too, with OEM and factory-approved parts. Better still, our factory trained technicians are Subaru experts with decades of expertise between them. That means you'll get a quality of repair that other garages and auto shops just can't compete with. When it comes to extending the life of your Subaru, one can't underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance. That's why we make maintenance and repair as easy as possible at Shingle Springs Subaru!

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