Reasons Your Subaru Won't Shift Into Gear - Transmission Questions in Shingle Springs, CA

Six Reasons Your Car Won't Shift Into Gear in Shingle Springs, California

The transmission in your Subaru vehicle is incredibly important. As its name implies, it transmits power from the engine to the wheels. This means that, if you have a transmission problem, your Subaru may not shift into gear, and you'll be going nowhere fast. Depending on what's causing transmission troubles, the solution could be simple or difficult. Below are six common reasons your car might not shift into gear. No matter what the cause, be sure to trust a genuine Subaru service center.

Why can't my Subaru shift into gear
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6. Bad Shift Lock Solenoid

The shift lock solenoid is present in vehicles with automatic transmission. It keeps the vehicle from accidentally being put into gear by making it impossible to shift out of park without stepping on the brake pedal. However, if this shift lock release is broken, your vehicle might think that it's still in park.

5. Failed Master Clutch Cylinder

In vehicles with manual transmission, the clutch master cylinder is responsible for engaging the clutch when you press the pedal. Hydraulic fluid is what makes this part work--and if it's leaking, it will stop working. If you have to push your clutch down farther than you used to, it might be the sign of trouble.

4. Bad Torque Converter

In an automatic transmission, the torque converter works similarly to the clutch in a manual transmission. Unlike a clutch, however, there's no physical response letting you know whether you're in gear or not. A bad torque converter can make shifting into gear difficult or impossible.

3. Depleted or Degraded Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is present in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Over time, this fluid will degrade and need replacement. If there's a leak and the fluid level gets too low, your vehicle may not shift into gear. Take note: transmission fluid is extremely flammable, so be sure to handle it with care and call a tow truck.

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2. Damaged or Malfunctioning Shift Linkage

The shift linkage can be mechanical or electric and connects the gear selector to the transmission itself. If there's an issue with this connection, your transmission won't get the message from the gear selector. To solve a problem like this, you're best bet is to have factory-trained technicians like those in our service center at Shingle Springs Subaru take a look.

1. Other Transmission Problem

While the previous five are relatively easy to diagnose, reality is sometimes messier than we'd like. The transmission is complex. Some mechanical problems are trickier to diagnose, and will require that the transmission be disassembled and inspected. As with all these problems, it's best to trust the people who have been trained to work on your Subaru.

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