Seven Signs of Transmission Problems - Subaru Transmission Questions in Shingle Springs, CA

What's Wrong With Your Vehicle's Transmission? Seven Possibilities in Shingle Springs, CA

Whether you drive a Subaru with a manual transmission or an automatic, that transmission is a complex piece of machinery. Subaru transmissions are known for their impressive high quality; however, even the best quality parts can develop problems. The good news is that a transmission often won't fail completely without giving you signs, which we've listed below. If you notice any of these seven signs, it's time to bring it in to an authorized Subaru service center for an inspection.

What are signs of transmission problems for your Subaru
What causes transmission problems for your Subaru

7. Transmission Fluid Leak

Your Subaru vehicle's transmission is a sealed system, which means that fluid should stay inside. If it's leaking, that's a problem. Of course, there are several other fluids that could leak, and transmission fluid is notorious for being any of a variety of colors (from bright red to brownish). Regardless of the source of the leak, an inspection is necessary. Be especially careful with transmission fluid, which is very flammable.

6. A Burning Smell

If you smell burning in your vehicle, the most important thing to do is stop. While there are a number of possible causes, one such cause is an overheating transmission, which is bad news. No matter what is making that smell, it's best to have your vehicle towed and looked at immediately.

5. Shifting Into Gear is Difficult

This problem manifests itself differently on manual and automatic transmissions. It's easy to notice if you're driving a standard: the stick may simply not go where it needs to easily. In an automatic transmission, this problem might pop up as a loud noise during a shift, or you may not have much power when you get up to speed.

4. Shifting Into Gear is Impossible

We've written another article about the possible causes of your vehicle not shifting into gear. It could be something simple like a shift lock solenoid; however, chances are that, if shifting isn't possible, it's a more involved problem.

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3. Slipping

Slipping is something that can happen with automatic transmissions. You might feel like the gears change when they shouldn't, the engine might make a high-pitched noise, and the vehicle may feel like it suddenly lacks power.

2. Delayed Engagement

No, it's not the plot of a rom-com: delayed engagement is when there's a pause between the time that the vehicle engages and the time the movement starts. This means your engine may rev for a moment before it moves--and when it does move, it may lurch.

1. Check Engine Light

Your Subaru is good at telling you when there's something wrong. If there's trouble in the transmission, the Check Engine light may turn on. You should always get this light checked out when it turns on. It's especially important to do so if you've noticed any of the above symptoms.

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