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Things To Know About Subaru EyeSight® Near Shingle Springs, California

Within the past few years, vehicle safety has grown exponentially with the introduction of driver assist systems. These are designed to make it easier than ever to avoid accidents. The vehicle safety system for Subaru is Subaru EyeSight&Reg; Driver Assist Technology, which uses a set of dual color cameras to provide exceptional safety, serving as a second set of eyes on the road--and, if need be, a second foot on the brake. Subaru EyeSight® has an impressive track record, as well: it has been found to reduce rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 86%!

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While there are many available driver assist features that Subaru models offer, we'll focus for now on the core four systems that make up EyeSight®.

4. Adaptive Cruise Control

Regular cruise control simply keeps you at a set speed. Adaptive Cruise Control, on the other hand, will adjust your speed if it senses other vehicles in front of you. This way, you can still rely on cruise control when you're driving on highways that aren't wide open.

3. Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning

If you happen to start drifting out of your lane without signalling, Lane Keep Assist will let you know. If you continue drifting, it can even help you steer back into your lane! Features like this help prevent distracted or drowsy driving, and they can also help make sure you use your turn signals.

2. Pre-Collision Throttle Management

If the EyeSight® cameras see an object in front of your vehicle that you're in danger of hitting, it will reduce power to the engine. This can help decrease frontal impact damage if a collision does occur.

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1. Pre-Collision Braking

Pre-Collision Braking can help reduce frontal impacts, as well--or it can help you avoid them entirely. If an emergency should arise and EyeSight® senses that a collision is imminent, it will alert you and apply the brakes, full force. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied the effect of this system and found that it also lowers the rate of pedestrian-related injuries by up to 35%!

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