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Five Signs of a Bad Clutch | Subaru Questions Near Shingle Springs, California

Subaru offers many vehicles with a manual transmission. Like all Subaru parts, the clutch in these vehicles is made to meet high quality standards. However, even long-lasting Subaru clutches will wear down over time, and will require replacement. The good news is that a failing clutch will display certain symptoms, making diagnosis of clutch problems relatively easy. Below are five common signs that your clutch might need to be replaced soon.

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5. Mismatch Between Revving & Acceleration

If the clutch in your Subaru vehicle is beginning to go out, you might notice that the engine seems to be working harder than it should. It might be revving while your vehicle itself is barely crawling along.

4. A Grinding Sound

A grinding sound when you try to put your Subaru in gear isn't always indicative of a bad clutch. It could be caused by other issues--for example, you may not have engaged the clutch completely. A grinding noise every now and again is nothing to worry about, but if it's happening frequently, you should have it checked out.

3. The Clutch Slips

A slipping clutch is one that doesn't engage the way it should to deliver the power the wheels need. If a clutch slips, the engine may rev when you release the clutch--but without the acceleration that would usually accompany it. There may also be a high-pitched noise, or even a burning smell.

2. Shifting Is Impossible

If you can press down on the clutch pedal, but the stick simply won't shift into gear, a failing clutch may be the culprit. This could be due to a leak, but it could also mean that there's a mechanical issue inside the clutch.

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1. The Clutch Pedal Doesn't Feel Right

Ultimately, you know the way your vehicle feels when you drive it. When you step on the clutch pedal, it should feel firm and solid. If it feels different than it has before, there may be clutch issues. This is particularly concerning if it feels spongy, soft, or loose, or if it vibrates or stays down when you press it.

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