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Subaru vehicles are remarkably comfortable. Unfortunately, it's not just humans who think so. It's not unheard of for mice, rats, and even squirrels to take residence in the engine area of a car. Because rodents' teeth are always growing, they feel an irresistible urge to gnaw--which can spell trouble for the wires in your Subaru vehicle's engine!

At Shingle Springs Subaru, we work hard to help you learn about how best to take care of your Subaru. With that in mind, we've prepared six ways to deal with pests chewing the wires in your car!

A hand holding frayed wires, like what you may find if your car has rodents

6. Move Your Vehicle Regularly

The engine of a car can be an inviting place for rodents. During the warmer months, it provides shade; in the cooler months, it provides protection from the elements. If you have a car that sits around for long stretches of time, you can start and move it regularly to make the engine less inviting. After all, imagine how much you'd dislike a cozy place if it suddenly got very loud and hot!

A 2019 Subaru Outback parked outside. Parking in a garage is preferable

5. Park in a Garage

If you have access to a garage, use it! It may mean that you have to clear out some old boxes, but it will be worth it to avoid mice, rats, and squirrels chewing on your car's wires. The walls of a garage provide one more barrier between these pests and your car.

4. Seal Your Garage with Steel Wool

Sometimes, a rodent may still find its way into a garage. If this is happening to you, examine the areas where they might get through. Then, stuff any holes with steel wool. This will keep the rodents from accessing the garage.

Lots of wires all tangled together: paradise for a rodent

3. Move Food Away from Car

The combination of food and shelter is an appealing one--just think of how popular B&Bs and hotels with included breakfasts are! Rodents think the same way. If you have any food around your Subaru (particularly big bins of pet food), it's time to move them. They may attract rodents to your car.

2. Use Taste & Smell Deterrents or Set Traps

If the little pests are still getting through, it might be time to start protecting the vehicle directly. The good news is that there are a variety of products that will make the wires less appealing to your little invaders. Capsaicin is a popular choice; it's the chemical that makes spicy peppers hot. It's often available in both spray and tape form, so you can either spray your engine or wrap the wires in capsaicin tape. Peppermint and bitter apple spray are also an option, and you can even find powdered fox urine (the smell is supposed to drive rodents away, as they sense that a predator is near).

You can even use mothballs around your vehicle--but we do want to advise caution with this one. If you have pets or small children, mothballs are not the best choice. They're a dangerous pesticide, and can be harmful if eaten, touched, or even sniffed.

If all of these fail, you can always set traps. It's a messier option than the others, but it may just get the job done.

1. Call the Experts

If rodents still keep showing up and bothering your poor Subaru, it may be time to call for backup. A licensed exterminator will be able to assess the problem and find the right solution. With the help of an exterminator, the rodents can bite the dust instead of your wires!

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