Reasons Your Subaru Won't Move When the Engine Revs - Vehicle Transmission Questions in Shingle Springs, CA

Seven Reasons Your Engine Revs But Your Subaru Doesn't Move | in Shingle Springs, California

There's nothing quite like the revving sound of an engine--but if it's not accompanied by movement, there might be a problem. There are many reasons this could happen; keep reading to find seven of the most common ones. When your Subaru needs service, trust the experts at Shingle Springs Subaru.

7. Your Subaru Is Not in Gear

This one may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how often even the most savvy of us have overlooked something simple like this. It may be embarrassing, but the good news is that it's easily remedied by simply shifting your vehicle into gear!

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6. The Shift Lock Solenoid Has Failed

In vehicles with automatic transmissions, a shift lock solenoid helps keep the car from rolling away on its own by making it impossible to shift out of park without first stepping on the brake pedal. However, a failed solenoid will not recognize that you're stepping on the brake, meaning that your engine will still think the vehicle is in park.

5. Bad Shift Linkage

The shift linkage is, as its name indicates, what links the transmission and the gear selector so that you can shift. It's a tough cable or wire, and it's unlikely (though possible) for it to become severed. More likely is that an external force is pressing up against the linkage and jamming it.

4. Low Transmission Fluid

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, transmission fluid is an important part of the system. If this hydraulic fluid leaks, it can cause all kinds of transmission problems. It's also highly flammable, and should be treated with great care.

3. Failed Torque Converter

The torque converter is found on vehicles with automatic transmission. It serves the same purpose as a clutch on vehicles with manual transmission. While it's not as easy to tell if a torque converter has gone bad, it could be a cause for your vehicle having difficulty shifting into gear.

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2. Broken Axle

This is a very uncommon problem. However, if it happens to you, you'll notice that your vehicle is unable to drive, no matter how hard the engine revs. The wheels simply won't move.

1. Other Transmission Problems

The transmission is a complex, detailed, and sometimes frustrating system, and there are many opportunities for internal problems. If there's a problem inside your transmission, it will have to be taken apart and inspected.

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