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Anyone who has driven a car with manual windows knows how convenient power windows make life. That is, until they stop working. While they may not be crucial for performance, the power windows on your Subaru do make your life more convenient, and it can be frustrating when they won't work. Paying attention to which windows aren't working, and the symptoms that they present, can help you figure out what the problem is. This will make it easier for the technicians at Shingle Springs Subaru to diagnose and fix your Subaru.


5. The Rear Windows Don't Work

If the front windows work just fine, but the rear windows don't roll up or down, you may have stumbled upon the best-case scenario. The most likely cause for this particular problem is an accidental activation of the child window lock. Turn off the lock and try again.

4. None of the Windows Work

If none of the windows work, the windows themselves are most likely not to blame. First, check your vehicle's fuse box; the fuse for the power windows may have blown. A failed relay might also be to blame if none of the power windows are working. If that's the case, the relay may have to be replaced.

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3. One Window Works, But Moves Very Slowly

If it's just one of the windows that's not working, its specific symptoms can help narrow down the cause. Does the window roll up and down, but very slowly? There's a chance that the contacts in the switch may be in need of cleaning. However, if that doesn't do anything, the lift motor may be nearing the end of its lifespan.


2. One Window Doesn't Work, But Does Make Noise

If a window won't work at all, listen closely to how it sounds. Do you hear the small whirring of the motor? If it sounds like the window is being rolled down, but nothing happens, then the regulator is probably to blame. This is a system of cables and pulleys that's powered by the motor, and it's what actually moves the windows up and down. That's why you can still hear the motor: it's working away, but the regulator simply isn't responding as it should.

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1. One Window Doesn't Work & Doesn't Make Noise

If you try to roll down the window and are met with only silence, there are two likely culprits. The lift motor may have failed, in which case it will need to be replaced. Or, the switch might not be working. If the motor doesn't get a message from the switch, it won't know that it's time to move the window.

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