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May 15, 2019

Your Subaru serves you well--and if you want to make sure it continues to do so, it's a good idea to treat it well. You may not have given too much thought to the kind of gas that you're filling it with, but you should. After all, without gas, your Subaru wouldn't be able to get you much of anywhere. Before you fill up next, consider these four things.

An old diesel pump in disrepair. The metal is rusted, chipped, and fading, while the stickers are bleached.

4. Look Out for Sketchy Gas Stations

This one may seem obvious: if there's a chance that you're going to get jumped at the pump, it's best to avoid that station. However, a gas station that's in a state of disrepair might be dangerous for your Subaru, as well. If the outside of a filling station is decrepit, the gas storage tanks may also be in poor condition. This makes it easier for the gas to become contaminated.

This is a good example of why you should never wait until the last minute to refuel. If you're running on fumes and the only gas station nearby is one that looks more at home in a post-apocalyptic video game, you might have to make a choice that could damage your vehicle.

A person flashes a thumbs-up sign in front of a nozzle that's filling their car.

3. Beware of Suspiciously Low Prices

We admit, dirt-cheap prices sound pretty good to us, too. However, a gas station that's selling gas for a lot less than other places may not be getting their gas from reputable suppliers. Again, this means that there's a greater chance of contamination. Saving a buck at the pump may cost you a lot more in engine work if you use gas that's contaminated.

Four fuel nozzles lined up in a row: yellow, red, blue, and green.

2. Look for a Top Tier Gas Station

When gasoline is first taken from the ground and refined, it's all pretty much the same. It's what happens afterwards that makes a difference. Federal law requires that all companies selling gas add a certain number of detergent additives. However, some companies have decided to go above and beyond. If a gas station is selling Top Tier gas, that means that more and better additives have been put into the gasoline. It will run cleaner, and can help your Subaru vehicle's engine. The other stuff isn't bad--this is just better.

1. Make Sure You Use the Right Kind of Fuel

You've filled up your Subaru so many times that it's easy to go into autopilot mode. Try to resist this, as pressing the wrong button can have consequences. If you fill your Subaru with gas that's at a lower-than-recommended octane level, for example, there could be trouble down the road. This is even more true if you accidentally use diesel, or if you fill a non-flex-fuel car with E85.

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