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There's something inherently alluring about driving down the road, windows down, with the radio playing your favorite songs. What's considerably less charming is when the radio suddenly suddenly stops working. Whether it's delivering decreased sound quality or no sound at all, a broken audio system can quickly turn a fun drive into a real bummer. Depending on what symptoms your radio is demonstrating, troubleshooting problems can be easy. Below are four potential symptoms; find the one your car is experiencing to help determine the cause.


4. The Radio Doesn't Work, but the CD/AUX Do

If the radio itself doesn't work, but you can listen to music through your CD player or auxiliary input, there's likely something that's blocking the radio's ability to get a signal. In older vehicles, a damaged antenna would be a likely cause. It's still a possibility in newer vehicles, but it's less likely as antennas tend to be integrated into the vehicle's roof or windshield on more modern cars. The radio tuner may also have gone bad.

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3. The Sound Quality Decreases

If the quality of sound suddenly drops, the music may become quieter, crackly, tinny, or unbalanced. One speaker may even stop making sound altogether. In cases like this, it's usually a speaker or another physical component that has been damaged. In cases like this, you may need to replace the offending speaker. If you've been considering upgrading to a more powerful audio system, this is the perfect time to do so.


2. The Entire System Stops Working

If you're driving along and suddenly the entire audio system stops functioning, you may be in luck. There's a chance that it's a blown fuse. Try replacing the fuse with a new one and see if that solves the problem. If so, great! If the fuse blows again, however, that could mean that there are electrical problems that will be harder to diagnose and fix.

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1. The Sound Cuts In and Out

It can be confusing when the entire system stops working, only to start up again a minute or two later. In cases like these, it could be loose wiring that's being knocked in and out of place as your Subaru goes over bumps. However, it could also be the amplifier. The amplifier increases the power going to the audio system. If it overheats, it shuts itself down until it cools down. Once that happens, it will turn back on again. If your amplifier keeps overheating, it's probably time to replace it.

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