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Exhaust gas is a byproduct of the combustion that powers your engine. If everything is working the way it should, the exhaust manifold will vent the exhaust from the cylinders and funnel it through the pipes. After passing through the catalytic converter (which helps convert harmful gases into non-harmful ones), it eventually makes its way out the tailpipe. This means that you shouldn't smell exhaust when you're sitting inside your car. If you do, it could also mean that your health is in danger. Be sure to take your car to an authorized Subaru service center to have it inspected. It's likely that the smell will be caused by one of the four following issues.


4. Worn-Out Window or Door Seals

The windows and doors of your vehicle are designed to make sure that the air outside stays out and the air inside stays in. Over time, these rubber seals may begin to wear down. They might become less effective at doing what they're designed to do, and exhaust fumes could enter your cabin through these seals. If this is the case, they'll need to be replaced to keep you from breathing fumes.

Be safe! Your vehicle exhaust system can be dangerous if not working properly. 
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3. A Failing Catalytic Converter

If the catalytic converter is failing, you may notice a strong, sulfuric exhaust smell. This is because the exhaust is no longer being converted into less harmful gases. If your vehicle's catalytic converter has failed, it will need to be replaced.


2. A Malfunctioning O2 Sensor

As the exhaust leaves the combustion chamber, an oxygen sensor measures it. If it senses that the exhaust is too rich or lean in fuel, it will tell your car to adjust the amount of fuel that's being injected. If the O2 sensor is damaged or malfunctioning, it can send incorrect readings. This could cause your car to put too much fuel into the engine, which won't be entirely burned off by the combustion process. This will create a strong exhaust smell with a gasoline odor.

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1. An Exhaust Leak

The exhaust system runs nearly the entire length of your vehicle, from the engine to the tailpipe. If any part of this system becomes damaged, it can spring a leak, and exhaust will escape from somewhere it's not supposed to. Because exhaust leaks aren't always easy to find, diagnosing one is best left to the experts. The technicians at Shingle Springs Subaru will inspect your exhaust system to find the source of the leak so they can fix it.

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