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It makes sense that the fuel system in your Subaru car or SUV is incredibly important. After all, it's responsible for giving the BOXER® engine a reliable supply of quality gasoline it needs to run properly. So, it's a good idea to make sure that you take proper care of this system. Below, we've listed four tips that can help you keep your fuel system performing as it should.

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4. Use the Right Gas

An important part of making sure the fuel system does its job well is always filling it with the right stuff. If you use gas with a lower octane than is recommended, it could cause trouble with the fuel system and the engine. And if you accidentally use diesel instead of gasoline, your engine may not run at all. If this happens, the fuel system will need to be flushed. Fortunately, diesel nozzles typically won't fit in the fuel recepticle of gas-powered cars.

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3. Get Regular Fuel System Cleaning

97% of Subaru models sold within the past decade are still on the road today--and if you're driving an older Subaru, it's a good idea to have the fuel system cleaned. A professional fuel system cleaning involves more than just adding some fuel system cleaner to the gas. The technicians will clean the fuel injectors, as well, in order to get rid of stubborn carbon buildup.

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2. Replace the Fuel Filter

If anything other than gas gets into your engine, bad things could happen. That's why the fuel filter is so important. It keeps any stray particulate from getting into your vehicle's fuel system. Eventually, it may become clogged, decreasing your engine's performance. Having the fuel filter changed can help keep your engine going strong.

1. Make Sure the Gas Cap Is in Good Condition

A missing or cracked gas cap may seem small, but it can have a big effect on your vehicle. It can even cause the Check Engine Light to turn on! The airtight seal formed by the gas cap helps keep vapors inside the gas tank. If the cap is damaged or missing altogether, vapors can escape, leading to a fuel system that doesn't function as well as it should. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy fix.

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