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We get plenty of questions about gas at Shingle Springs Subaru. After all, figuring out just what to fill your Subaru with isn't as simple as it once was. We're dedicated to giving you valuable information about keeping your Subaru in top shape, so we've put together some things we think you should know about refueling your Subaru. Reading them will give you a better idea of what to do at the pump.

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4. What Is E85 Gas? Can I Use It?

The "E" in "E85" stands for "ethanol." This is a plant-based fuel that's often blended with gasoline to create a more environmentally friendly fuel. Unlike gasoline ratings, the "85" has nothing to do with octane rating. Rather, it means that the E85 blend is made up of 85% ethanol, with a gasoline content of just 15%.

However, not just any vehicle can use E85 fuel. It's designed specifically for Flex Fuel Vehicles. If you don't have a Flex Fuel Vehicle and you accidentally use E85 gas, your car probably won't experience any major problems, but the Check Engine Light may come on. Generally, topping off the tank with regular gas when it gets lower and continuing to do so will clear everything out just fine.

3. What About E15 Gas?

E15 gas, on the other hand, is gasoline with 15% ethanol. Unlike E85, E15 gas can be used on most modern vehicles made after 2001. In fact, most "regular" gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol already!

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2. What Happens if I Put Diesel in My Gas-Burning Engine?

While putting E85 in your engine probably won't be too much of a problem, accidentally filling it with diesel will have negative effects. Gasoline engines are incapable of combusting diesel, so a tank full of diesel will cause the engine to stall. If this happens, you'll have to drain the diesel from the tank. If diesel fumes have reached the engine, you may also have to have the fuel lines and fuel injectors cleaned.

The good news? It's really hard to make this mistake. Generally, diesel nozzles are a different size than gas nozzles, so fitting one into your gas tank isn't likely to happen.

Regular, Plus, and Premium gas at a pump

1. Will Using Premium Fuel Make a Difference?

Choosing between premium and regular gas can be tricky. After all, we like to think that paying extra means that you get a better product. However, in this case, "better" isn't exactly the right word to use.

There are some engines that require premium gas. For them, premium isn't better--it's a necessity for smooth, clean engine running! Most engines, however, don't have this same requirement. For them, the higher-octane premium gas won't likely give any noticeable benefit. It's best to stick to what the owner's manual recommends.

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