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The cruise control in your Subaru is incredibly helpful at keeping you from fatigue on longer highway drives. It maintains a constant speed so that your foot can rest, keeping it from getting tired as easily. So if the cruise control in your Subaru isn't working well, it can be a problem. Getting it checked out by a factory-trained technician is the best way to get things back on track. Below, we'll walk you through four reasons why the cruise control may not be working.

Steering-wheel-mounted cruise control buttons

4. Damaged Mechanical Components

Older vehicles often come with mechanical cruise control. In systems like this, the throttle is connected to a cable, which is connected to a component known as the vacuum actuator. This actuator changes the tightness of the cable based on how you've set the cruise control. A vacuum leak or physical damage to the vacuum actuator or cable could cause the cruise control to stop working.

A red fuse and a blue fuse sitting near each other

3. Blown Fuse

Modern cruise control systems tend to be electronically controlled. This means that there's a potential for electrical problems, which could lead to a blown fuse. Try replacing the fuse; if that takes care of things, great! But if the fuse blows again, you're probably looking at a wiring issue.

2. Damaged Speed Sensor

As its name indicates, the speed sensor senses how fast your car is moving. A damaged speed sensor could be sending the cruise control an inaccurate reading, keeping it from working as it should. This could also lead to speedometer problems, so it should be fixed as soon as possible.

The tail lights and brake lights of a 2019 Subaru Ascent

1. A Faulty Brake Pedal Switch

When you step on the brake pedal, the brake lights in your vehicle turn on. This is due to the brake pedal switch--and this switch also helps with the cruise control. If it's broken or damaged, your cruise control may not work. This is because stepping on the brakes turns off the cruise control. If your car thinks you're always braking, the cruise control won't kick in. This could also make your brake lights stay on, so you should have it fixed right away.

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