What are common causes of tire damage?
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What Kinds of Things Can Cause Tire Damage?

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There are many potential causes of tire damage: a nail in the road, potholes, improper alignment, overloading of your vehicle, or even improperly inflated tires can all lead to tire damage. However, your Subaru will most likely have a tire pressure monitor that will let you know when something is amiss, from over-inflation to under-inflation to a sudden loss of pressure.

It's apparent how nails, sharp obstacles, and potholes can damage your tires. However, a tire that has too much air can be more easily burst by potholes, while a tire without enough air can flex too much and overheat. And if your Subaru isn't properly aligned, the tires will wear down unevenly.

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What Do I Do If My Tires are Damaged?

If your tires have been punctured, there's a chance that you won't have to have them replaced at all. Often, it's possible to simply repair punctured tires, saving you money. If your tires are over- or under-inflated, the fix is as simple as adding or removing air, while uneven wear can often be addressed with an alignment.

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However, if your tires have too much wear, they'll need to be changed. Even if only one tire is affected, all four tires should be replaced so that they can wear down at the same level and avoid adding unnecessary stress to the entire system.

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