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Subaru steering wheel shake service FAQs

Shingle Springs Subaru Maintenance Q&As: Why is my Steering Wheel Shaking?

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Assuming your vehicle doesn't just have a case of boogie fever, the steering wheel shouldn't be shaking as you drive along. But, as certain parts on your vehicle begin to wear out, your vehicle might begin to shake. You'll feel it most in your steering wheel. Some of the most common culprits include the tires, wheels, brake rotors and suspension parts like tie rods and suspension bushings.

Here's the good news: If you pay attention to when and how your vehicle is shaking, you'll be able to determine which part is most likely responsible. We'll go into detail below about some of the most common reasons for steering wheel shake.

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Shaking at Highway Speeds: Tire and Wheel Problems

If your vehicle feels pretty good until you start to hit about 60 MPH, you likely have poor tires that need to be replaced, or the rims themselves have been damaged and are no longer perfectly round. At lower speeds, you may not notice that your wheels and tires are slightly out of round. However, as your speed increases, your steering wheel may begin to shake. Replacing your tires may be necessary. You can check first to make sure they're properly inflated and that they're not wearing down unevenly. You may also need a wheel balancing service, or simply need new rims entirely.

Shaking Under Acceleration: Bad Axle

If your steering wheel begins to shake as you accelerate, shaking harder and harder the more aggressively you do so, you may have a broken axle. Axles can bind or become damaged and deformed. If they become even slightly out of true, you'll notice vibrations in the steering wheel as you accelerate.

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Another possible cause of vibrations when accelerating are bad motor mounts. Rubberized motor mounts isolate vibrations from the engine, but as they wear out, more and more vibrations will translate their way into the cabin. The harder you accelerate, the faster the engine's pistons will move, creating more vibrations. Having old motor mounts replaced will eliminate these irritating vibrations.

Shaking Under Braking: Deformed Brake Rotors

Finally, if you only feel vibrations in the steering wheel when slowing down, this is almost certainly due to damaged brake rotors. Brake rotors that come slightly out of true with the wheel can cause vibrations when you slow down. Also, damage to the rotors from rust or road debris or even from low-quality brake pads can cause this vibration. A professional service technician can replace your brake pads if necessary, then mount the brake rotor to a brake lathe. They'll machine it down to a perfectly round, smooth surface - eliminating your braking vibrations.

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Here at Shingle Springs Subaru our talented team of friendly technicians can find the source of your vehicle's shake and get it fixed. Give us a call if you have any additional questions, or simply schedule your service visit right here on our site.

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