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Shingle Springs Subaru Maintenance Q&As: What does the Airbag Light in your Dashboard Mean?

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We probably don't have to tell you that, when the airbag warning light turns on in your dash, that means something's wrong with your airbag system. But were you aware that the light means your airbags may not deploy if you're involved in an accident? That's why we urge you to visit your nearest authorized Subaru dealership service center when this light turns on in your dash. In order to prevent the airbags from deploying when they shouldn't, the system will deactivate if a problem is detected. We'll explain more about what can go wrong in a car airbag system, and how you should proceed to get it fixed.

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About your Subaru Airbag Warning Lights

First, be sure not to confuse the passenger side airbag indicator light with the airbag system warning light. An amber-colored passenger side airbag indicator light turns on and off based on if the passenger's seat is occupied - if the passenger's seat detects the weight of an adult passenger, the passenger's side airbag will deploy in the event of an accident. If no passenger is detected, that airbag may not deploy.

The airbag system warning light is located in the dashboard, and it's red instead of amber. When this light is on, a problem has been detected with the airbags or the seat belt pretensioners. Since these systems are essential to your safety in a crash, it's not a good idea to ignore these warning lights. Have your vehicle serviced at an authorized Subaru dealership immediately.

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Common Airbag System Problems

The airbags and seatbelts comprise your vehicle's Supplemental Restraint System, often marked with "SRS" in the warning light. If anything fails with the belts, the latches or pretensioners, the airbags or the electronic sensors and relays that help them to fire at just the right time, this warning light will activate and the system may not work correctly in a crash.

First, you can check the seat belt latches for foreign debris. Sensors that detect whether or not passengers are buckled in can get "stuck" in the on or off position, and the warning light will indicate a problem.

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Other potential problems with your vehicle's SRS include a faulty passenger seat occupancy sensor, a failed clock spring, corrosion from water damage or a variety of other electrical issues. Most amateurs will find it prohibitive to work on these components themselves, so we recommend visiting your nearest authorized Subaru dealer for assistance with this.

Here at Shingle Springs Subaru our talented team of friendly technicians can find the source of your SRS malfunction and get it fixed. Give us a call if you have any additional questions, or simply schedule your service visit right here on our site.

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