What is preventative maintenance and why is it important?
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What is Preventative Maintenance and How Does it Protect my Vehicle? | Shingle Springs Maintenance FAQs

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The maintenance procedures you should have performed regularly - like oil changes, tire rotations, and replacement of brake pads, filters and fluids - all fall under the heading of, "preventative maintenance." That's because they prevent your vehicle from sustaining more severe damage from neglect. Regularly replacing the oil in your engine is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle!

Preventative maintenance also helps us catch problems early, before they can develop into major engine issues. Our factory-trained technicians will evaluate the condition of your vehicle's belts, hoses, fluids and more, and recommend any replacements necessary. By catching issues early, we help you avoid expensive repairs down the road. That's why preventative maintenance is so essential!

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What Happens if Preventative Maintenance isn't Performed on my Subaru?

Even something as seemingly trivial as an oil change helps to dramatically extend the life of your Subaru. That's because of what happens as engine oil breaks down.

For example, old engine oil separates into sludge, which collects in the engine and robs it of power and performance. That means less fuel economy, and more stops at the pump. Eventually, the oil will become so broken-down that it can no longer properly lubricate your engine's moving parts, allowing metal to scrape against metal. Given enough time, that will utterly destroy the engine, and make a total engine rebuild necessary - an expensive repair. Simply keeping the oil regularly changed prevents this kind of engine damage.

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So it goes with the rest of your vehicle. Tire rotations help your tires to last longer, by allowing them to wear down evenly. This is of particular importance to Subaru owners, since virtually every Subaru features all-wheel drive, which can exacerbate tire wear. Failure to replace the air filter can choke your engine and cause it to work much harder than necessary. Neglecting to have your brake pads replaced before they wear down completely can cause damage to your brake rotors, which are far more costly to replace. That's why it always pays off in the long run to follow the recommended maintenance schedule laid out in your Subaru owner's manual.

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