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Subaru tie rod service FAQs

Shingle Springs Subaru Maintenance Q&As: How do I Know if my Vehicle needs New Tie Rods?

Find out if you need new tie rods for your Subaru

On every modern car, the tie rods help to keep the car stable and straight as you drive. However, their location low on the car and near the wheels makes them susceptible to damage from road debris. What's more, they simply wear out over time from normal use. Eventually, you're almost certain to have to replace the tie rods on your vehicle. If your vehicle pulls to the left or right due to poor alignment, there's excess "play" in the steering or you notice uneven wear on your tires, bad tie rods are often to blame.

Learn more below about how you can detect worn out tie rods, and why it'll be necessary to replace them before they fail entirely.

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Learn why tie rods for your Subaru should be replaced

How to Check for Bad Tie Rods on Your Vehicle

An easy way to test for bad tie rods is to jack the car off the ground just enough so that the front wheel will spin freely. Grab the wheel with your hands and attempt to move the wheel side to side. Then, up and down. If the tie rods are in good shape, there should be no movement and no play in the wheel when you test it in this way. If there is play, or if the wheel makes a clunking noise as you push and pull on it, worn out tie rods are a likely cause.

They're also a common cause of poor alignment. Is keeping your vehicle traveling straight more difficult than it should be? You probably need an alignment service, and your tie rods will be checked and adjusted and may need to be replaced as part of this service.

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You'll also want to check for uneven tire wear. If the camber of the wheel is off, you're likely to notice that one side of your tire is wearing down much faster than the other side. This is often caused by a bad tie rod. Since tires that wear down on just one side won't last as long as tires that wear down evenly, replacing your tie rods will also extend the life of your tires, too! Since having this part replaced is such a common service, we recommend giving your local Subaru dealership a call to schedule an alignment check. Your tie rods will be checked and replaced if they've been worn. You'll get a better ride, longer-lasting tires and improved handling!

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Here at Shingle Springs Subaru our talented team of friendly technicians can find the cause of your suspension and alignment woes and get it fixed - whether it's the tie rod or a different component that's to blame. Give us a call if you have any additional questions, or simply schedule your service visit right here on our site.

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