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How can I Tell if my Vehicle has a Suspension Problem? - Frequently Asked Auto Care Questions at Shingle Springs Subaru

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Most people begin to suspect a suspension problem in their car when they detect a rougher ride than they're used to. But not only can that problem be caused by worn out tires or other damage, there are other signs of a suspension problem that you may want to look out for. A major problem with your suspension system will affect your car's handling and can even put you at greater risk of an accident. We'll describe some of the most common suspension problems below, as well as their possible causes and remedies.

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Checking for a Suspension Issue on your Car

It's true that if you suddenly feel every bump on the road, when your vehicle used to do a better job of gliding over them, worn out suspension components could be to blame. However, poorly inflated or damaged tires can also cause you to experience a rougher ride.

A better way to check for suspension problems is to check for pulling, diving and rolling as you drive. If your vehicle pulls hard to one side, your alignment may be off, which can often be caused by damage to your suspension. If the car "dives" under ordinary braking - that is, if the nose of the car sinks significantly toward the ground - your suspension may be wearing out. Under ordinary driving conditions, your vehicle should feel relatively stable. While emergency braking might cause the nose to sink on any car, if your car rolls, dives and pulls dramatically during everyday use, you probably have some suspension problems.

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Another way to check for suspension problems is to look at the car as it's sitting still. If one corner of the vehicle is sitting lower than the rest of the car, you may have a damaged spring. That can compromise your cornering ability and make your car difficult to steer.

Finally, our last tip for checking your suspension is to take a peek at the shocks themselves. If you can jack up the car a little bit, and safely look at the underside of your vehicle, take a look at the shocks. Once you identify the shocks, check to see if they're covered in oil or appear to be leaking fluid. If a shock absorber begins to leak fluid, it'll need to be replaced. It won't isolate you from bumps the way it should, giving you a much rougher ride.

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