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Why Does my Car Make a Clicking Sound when Turning? - Frequently Asked Auto Care Questions at Shingle Springs Subaru

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In a front or all-wheel drive car, a unique axle called a CV axle is connected from the front differential to each of the front wheels. Its special design enables it to deliver power to the front wheels while also allowing the wheels to turn, so the vehicle can steer. A CV joint (CV is short for Constant Velocity) allows the front axle to turn at the same rate no matter what the angle of the front wheel. When this axle begins to fail, the CV joint will audibly click or grind when turning.

If you hear a loud, percussive click from the front of your vehicle when you turn, it's a safe bet that your CV axle is ready to fail. Since the axle keeps the wheel connected to the engine, this is not a component you want to fail completely! It'll stop your Subaru dead in its tracks. Learn more below about what happens when a CV axle begins to fail.

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Other Ways to Identify a Failing CV Axle

Because the CV joint rotates rapidly, it must be well lubricated. It's protected by a rubber cover (called a boot) which is packed with grease to keep its movements silky smooth. When this boot ruptures - from contact with road debris or just general wear and tear - the grease will begin to seep out. When all that grease is gone, the joint will begin to click like we described above. But, before that happens, you might notice grease on the inside edge of your front tires. As the grease drips from the CV axle boot, it can collect on the inside of your tires, letting you know that the CV axle will need to be replaced soon.

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Finally, you may feel unpleasant vibrations from the front of the car. The CV axle is designed to articulate, so the front wheels can steer and travel over bumps and other road imperfections. As this axle begins to fail, it'll begin to vibrate excessively. While there are other causes of vehicle vibrations, if you notice either of the first two symptoms and your vehicle is vibrating, you can be confident that your CV axle will need replacement.

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We hope this information helps you on your Subaru ownership journey! If you have additional questions, you can connect with a factory-trained Subaru expert at the Shingle Springs Subaru Service center by calling the phone number at the top of your screen, or just by visiting our service department at 4045 Wild Chaparral Drive, Shingle Springs, CA 95682.

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