Why is it important to have the timing belt changed?
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Why Should I Change the Timing Belt On My Subaru?

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If your Subaru has a timing belt, failing to get it changed on time can lead to catastrophic engine damage. This belt is made from rubber, and will become weaker over time until--if left unchanged--it will eventually break. The manual that came with your Subaru should indicate whether it has a timing belt; if so, it will let you know when it should be changed.

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What Happens If a Timing Belt Breaks?

SUBARU BOXER® engines are interference engines. What does this mean? When an engine runs, pistons travel inside the cylinders to compress air and fuel, while valves at the top of the cylinder open and close to allow air and fuel into the combustion chamber. An interference engine means that the valves and pistons have to be timed perfectly so that they don't strike each other--which is why the belt controlling this process is called the timing belt. If the timing is off, the pistons will move before the valves are closed, breaking the valves and damaging your vehicle's engine.

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Does Every Subaru Have a Timing Belt?

No. Some Subaru models have timing belts, while others have timing chains. Timing chains are heavier and louder than timing belts; however, they don't need to be replaced, since they won't snap like rubber belts will. Check your Subaru manual to see whether your vehicle is equipped with a belt or a chain.

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