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Is Engine Oil Supposed To Be Milky Brown?

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No. If you've recently checked the engine oil in your Subaru and it's a milky brown color, something is wrong. When the oil looks this way, it's because water or coolant has become mixed with the oil. This means that neither the oil nor the coolant is doing the job the way it should, and this can lead to devastating problems. If you've noticed your oil is a milky brown color, don't drive your vehicle at all: give us a call and we'll help you figure out how to proceed.

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What Causes Milky-Brown Engine Oil?

The mixing of engine oil and coolant can come from a blown head gasket. If a vehicle is old, or if it hasn't been maintained well, a head gasket is much more likely to give out. In addition to milky-brown oil, other signs of a head gasket that needs to be replaced include an overheating engine, smoke coming from the tailpipe, and a loss of engine power. If you notice any of these things, bring your vehicle to Shingle Springs Subaru right away and we'll help get your Subaru back in working order.

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