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A dead battery is a great way have your day ruined quickly. While the best way to deal with a battery problem is to have your Subaru inspected at an authorized Subaru service center, there are a few things you can check before calling for a tow. We still recommend having everything checked out afterwards; however, driving to the dealership is much more convenient than getting towed in.

At Shingle Springs Subaru, we like to provide you with information about Subaru service. Below, find five things you can check on your car battery before heading in.

A battery terminal caked with white corrosion

5. Check the Terminals & Cables for Corrosion

Corrosion can be a problem with batteries. The good news is that, if there's corrosion on the terminals, it's usually easy to see. Simply take a look at the terminals themselves; corrosion will manifest as a white, green, or blue substance that appears caked on. While you can clean this corrosion yourself, it requires care--and disconnecting the battery.

Corrosion can also affect the battery cables; unfortunately, this is harder to see than corrosion on the terminals. One telltale sign, though, is cables that are cracked. That's because corrosion forms underneath the insulation.

A person tightens the battery cable clamps

4. Inspect the Cable Clamps

The cables will have clamps that connect them to the battery; if they're not tight, the car could have difficulty starting. Too-loose clamps could happen if you have had your battery replaced somewhere other than an authorized Subaru dealership, or they could be due to another problem. Either way, while you can try tightening them by yourself, we also suggest bringing your Subaru in for inspection.

3. Make Sure the Battery Isn't Cracked

If your car battery is cracked, don't attempt to do anything with the battery. A cracked battery case can be incredibly dangerous, so get away from the car and call for aid right away.

Two cars attempt a jump start

2. Check the Battery's Voltage

If you have a multimeter and know how to read it, it's well worth the time to check how many volts the battery is registering. If you don't have a multimeter, there's no need to worry: we can perform this service at the dealership. If your battery isn't registering enough volts, you may need a new battery anyway.

1. See if a Jump Start Gets Things Going

If you'd rather avoid dealing with a tow truck, you can always try getting a jump start. We have an article going into detail on how to jump start your car; if it works, great! But be sure you don't just continue to drive. Your battery may die again next time you turn your car off, making it necessary to get another jump.

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